# # # TOMORROW @ Salopp # # #
 S u p p o r t . Y o u r . L o c a l . M a r k e t

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... there will be an indoor market presenting specialties of local productions. From wooden creations and useful accessories to music there will be a lot of great stuff to rummage in.  
Our music will be available there, too.
Still looking for a Christmas gift ?

Tally Sticks (2015)
 12 tracks | 2x vinyl including digital download with lyrics
Y (2013)
12 tracks | 2x vinyl including audio cd | handstamped + numbered

Pieces Of Conversation (2011)
 12 tracks | 2x vinyl

Swappin' Fluids With A Lobster (2010)
debut album | 12 tracks | audio cd with booklet and lyrics

booking contact: aniyokore@online.de

Feeling truly blessed ....

... .. by all the love & respect that was brought to us at the Rekorder last night! 
We're still blown by the number of people shaping the crowd that would come out on a cold Wednesday evening to see us play the acoustic version of our show, what lovely feedback and so much fun. THANKS A MILLION!!

Special thanks to Roman, Torre and the Rekorder & Fabian for taking care of the sound.
Much love to Allroy For Prez for these memories...

booking contact: aniyokore@online.de

first evidence from last night /// and always from AllRoy For Prez

booking@et-voila.de or aniyokore@online.de
we want our live to be like this!
massive thank you post following soon...

booking@et-voila.de or aniyokore@online.de

.... ... .. in 432 we play for You
this wednesday | 7th dec | 20.00
at Rekorder Dortmund

booking contact: aniyokore@online.de

contdown to show in 3...

booking@et.voila.de or aniyokore@online.de