...we're finally there, in hindsight it all went so fast but all 12 songs
from the upcoming album are finished in mixing and moving on to the
next step in mastering.also the vinyl cover is in the making of our hands and turning
into completion. to us, the entirety of it all, is like a circle that comes to closing,
connecting everything in all senses..
much love & respect to You all,
specially to Dirk Vogel for these great shots!

Ahoy spring,
we love you're here!

Yesterday at TYDE Studios, Frühling Feiern with all of You, it was the hugest racket!!!
Frankly said, we're far from being over it. T h a n k   g o d ! The engineer of the evening who took care of it all, Schlakks, Cutz Penza, Tobi Katze, Razzmatazz, Max Gyver, Striped Guys, screen print worxshop, dansih crudités, Dirk Vogel for this amazing shot, everybody, thank you for ever and ever!

The energy is still so on, we feel so honored by Your resonance.
Wish You all a lovely Sunday, in the true sense of the word.


MSF Soundsystem, an adult sound & deeply rooted
that opened up to literally LINK UP with the
Sublime Soundsystem, heavy younggunners with
no-genre-laws. to be honest, we thought that
we would bring something to the table that was "ahead"
instead we found ourselfs in a circle of artists on fire with
dubplates of all kinds an shapes earthquaking the concrete,
forcing us to play the best that we can.
Thank God we brought 70% unplayed material,
anything less would have felt inappropriate.
we were treated like the highlight of the evening
but that wasn t true. yesterday was War !
the only kind we like...