"the moment before 70 people came
to see the show..."

thanks to everyone who joined in and amplified the fun of it!
have You taken any snapshots? please feel free to drop them
at aniyokore@online.de
we wanna thank KCR Dortmund eV., Perce, Tokee & Valli
for having us with them at one of Dortmund's finest spots for real!
to all the huge and everlasting support, to our friends, to music - thanks a million,
 we wouldn't be without You!

Have a great weekend everyone

Ŀ ō v ě

we usually don t celebrate the 1st of january that much,
but this year, all signs point to music from the very first day /
we have to share some of the joy...dubplatestyle !
shot, while capturing a report about the "Dortmund Sampler S1"
it remains a beautiful piece of film by Maren Kuhlmann & Christian Schön 2015
song taken from our latest Lp " Tally Sticks"

releaseshow of our latest work _TALLY STICKS
pic_ LiaLenz