[aniYo kore]
Finest Hour

Welcome to the
Album Mixdown

we're in the middle of mixing our upcoming LP.
this is Your invitation to a sense of what is happening.



### BOOKINGS 2015 ###
the schedule is starting to fill up,
if you have in mind to have us play
at your thing... save your date now

contact us directly via aniyokore@online.de

within & without

yesterday was so much of a fulfilment to us, we're still down the torso, cold breath but incredibly warm inside. thanks to You for hanging out with us on that First Day Of Light. days' lenght increasing, the dark is slowly passing and we will keep on celebrating that.

Herr Walter, thanks for letting this celebration take place aboard, Dead Cat Ferret, You seriously nailed it with what You gave last night - thanks a whole bunch!!!

to all our wonderful friends who happen to always be there when it's on, we love You straight up.

welcome back

Design by Boogie [Dortmund] with love

...this one is for all those who have no place
to go they'd rather be at on that holi.day
We spread out warm invitations to all You,
who wanna celebrate with us

The First Day Of Light