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Foto by_ Eva Simonis
T O D A Y _ [anYo kore] LIVE
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Weseler Werft
vor der neuen Europäischen Zentralbank (EZB)
direkt am nördlichen Mainufer
60314 Frankfurt

  the HOMINOID tour 

We just landed back on earth.
After (h)our 3-day-journey through
a land of bliss we feel nothing is more
meaningful right now than keeping up
this state of mind.

Last friday night at literaturhaus.dortmund we were warmly introduced to a whole bunch of people we haven't met before, mostly from the field of literature - which felt so unknown to us 'til that point and made it even more exciting !
The venues conditions allowed us to set it up all "[aniYo kore]-style" and play that wonderful audience a real sacred concierto. It was so intimate. Everybody was so deepened into the sound that we were stunned in between during the set.

WICKED !! Thanx to 2Seiten for his exeptional poetry performance, we doff our hats to him. The honor to have had that experience we owe Kape Sachau & Rainer Holl of literaturhaus.dortmund, thanks so much for the invitation and the flawless organisation of it all...

Saturnday after, we headed down to Frankfurt am Main, Blaues Haus, right down by the river. A utopian dream of pale wood, withered roses, candlelight and very friendly people...on the other shore Frankfurts creepy shapes of capitalistic metropolis - contradictions couldn't be clearer. Eva Simonis opened the cypher with the smoothest jazzrap - that woman for sure is oldschool and supercool! The few guests who came to see our show took seats and reclined to the music as it took off.

They were celebrating it and we got freakin' double encored by them !!
It was really personal this time. The mood was perfect to sit in and talk to those people for a longer while, listening to their story...in the meantime it was dubmusic from tape all around the area. Big up to Jah Henry for those !
Thanx a whole bunch to the crew of Blaues Haus, You made it happen bigtime, You are so awesome...
Jaro, that beautiful painting of Yours has its place on our studiowall now and it looks so damn fresh there.

To the heads in check and charge of both events,
Thank You so very much for Your esteem and support:

"We value the effort of proper PAs,
respect for our gear, a safe that is place,
the welcoming smiles, the drinks and food,
the making-us-feel-good-attitude"

The same APPRECIATION & THANX we apply to each one
who witnessed one of those evenings.
Thank You for diggin our records and
thank You even more for cherishing music !

No Monday morning can take that away  ♫