.... Figurative shout out ... ..
from last night's acoustic show
by Leopold Achilles

a million thanks to the wonderful audience, the lovely Anna, magnificent host of the evening Rainer Holl & Theater im Depot !

booking | feedback: aniyokore@online.de

our show was last night & we loved every second of it 
" die szene ? ja, gerne ! "
today the winners will recieve their recognition
congratulations to you all in advance 
booking@et-voila.de or aniykore@online.de

tracktitle: "hype" //// for a possible split 7inch with Schlakks
/// working on the additional guitar // 100% original
no samples & no presets written in 432hz


midnight @ aniYo kore s house //// producers choice
/// get this or other music for your project
via aniyokore@online.de // 100% original
sample & presetfree written in 432hz

### producer's choice ###
 sound design / no presets / no samples
100% original content in A=432 Hz
all sounds written on a Microkorg XL,
sampled into an MPC 2500.

get beats & scores for your project
via _ aniyokore@online.de

we are recording an acoustic album right now,
10 songs from our latest album " just 2 voices & an amped guitar "
next live show Feb 17th @ Theatertage Petra Meurer 2017 | Der Performance Abend / booking via aniyokore@online.de
read about our music handed to you by Dash:

the light //// literally within our reach /// due to the lovely bianca //
taking film for the aniYo kore "more" Dubgun remix
just you wait...