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Design by Boogie [Dortmund] with love

...this one is for all those who have no place
to go they'd rather be at on that holi.day
We spread out warm invitations to all You,
who wanna celebrate with us

The First Day Of Light
...and a wonderful day to You.
We just had the most inspiring adventure at dasBETT in Frankfurt yesterday. Wanna give some huge bigups to Sepp'l for inviting us and setting up a ingenious event, all the engineers, organizers, broadcasting crew who made it safe, sound, HAPPEN, the venue, the food & most certainly to all the bands we met there. This party rocked as much as You did! To all who listened to our show, Thanks for basically everything You gave in that moment, we left it all there and You soaked it up...it felt beautiful playing music for You. Thanks for coming onto us, Your appreciation is our glory! So much looking forward to coming back again...

...right at this point we wanna name names to give
special Thanks to Stefan aka. Solmar Solar
, Eva Simonis,
KaMü and Ane. They know why...

Please feel free to look up about our forthcoming show next week on the celebration of "The First Day Of Light"
at Herr Walter in Dortmund on Dec 25th.
Stay tuned for more details.

 N E X T   S T O P
Wir tanzen live im Radio -
die VirusMusikRadio Show 2014


 friday, 19th dec 2014
[aniYo kore] LIVE
21 h


Schmidtstrasse 12, Frankfurt
doors 20 h | beginning 20:30 h
two stages | 7 bands | one dj
free entry

we were wondering, why
this piece of art
did not recieve it s recognition yet ?
if we don t even post it on
our own blog,
why should anyone else ?!?
we stand corrected.