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april 2014

support for
Elysian Fields // N.Y.

4/24th     Kampnagel Hamburg
Fri. 4/25th  Theater Dortmund

We feel so excited and honored to support
 Elysian Fields from New York on two of their very few shows in this country, as Paul Wallfisch invited us to
play on his legendary concert series "Small Beast".

Hope to see You there...
 the releaseshow of our new vinyl on Empty Head Rich Heart
was such a heartfilled event
that we decided to put out the 2nd video of the 7inch
a little earlier then originally intended

### WHAT A NIGHT ###

thanks to the amazing audience
you were so wonderful
more appreciation goes to
NAZCA for an inspiering set of vinyl only music
BLOEFF for all the unbelievable art
Sissikingkong for allowing us to do this

Photo by Zape Ziep

         SATURDAY / 8TH MARCH 2014

__________________________ Line Up ___________________________

:::: Nazca ::::

Empty Head Rich Heart / Dubplate / Vinyl Only from Witten


:::: [aniYo kore] ::::

Experimental / TripHop from Dortmund


______________________ Artwork Exhibition _______________________

:::: BlØff ::::

A group of four young brilliant female artists from Dortmund


Since we finally announced the forthcoming release of our new 7" single
"Stinging Nettle / Butterflies" EHRH 002 in association with the
great music label Empty Head Rich Heart we have been enjoying a
thrill of anticipation for that day to come.

Nazca, father of Empty Head Rich Heart, will bring his very own
distincitive dub selection, to provide us all with sophisticated sound
and put us in a deep meditative state of music experience.

Thanks to BlØff, a group of four young amazing artists from Dortmund,
the whole evening will be embellished by their world of fantastic art.
Indeed, they have a couple more surprises for you to come in advance,
so be prepared to be blown away...

Our surprise of that evening will be a concert on our very new live setup.
Since the last show we played in december, we have been upgrading and
rehearsing with a new analogue mixing board among other great new gear.
Regarding to the [aniYo kore] 4th year anniversary this will be the debut
show of that new setup and we are looking forward to taking you all to a
new level of analogue sound experience.

Of course the EHRH 002 vinyl will be available on that evening and from
that point on. It's a LIMITED EDITION of 100 copies, handstamped
and coming in handmade cover sleeves exclusively created by BlØff!
The regular price of it will be 10 EUR. If you choose the *SPECIAL OFFER*,
which is ONLY valid on that day together with the entrance to the event,
you will get it for 7 EUR !

And once again we will enter the cosy cellars of Sissikingkong
to celebrate together with you all !

Hope to see you there...

_______________ EHRH 002 _______________
Butterflies / Stinging Nettle 7"
We hereby proudly announce
new record release in association
with the great and distinctive musiclabel


The releaseparty will take place
march 8th


in Dortmund.
In great anticipation
we are looking forward to that day and
hoping to meet You there to celebrate with us.
So save the date,
stay tuned for further and more detailed info
& listen to a snippet of the forthcoming record...